In 2002, a $250 million war-game called the Millennium Challenge demonstrated how an unsophisticated but aggressive swarm could defeat a major US fleet, including its carrier.  The reason swarms succeed in combat is simple: lots of small targets are far harder to engage than a few very large ones.  Air-forces and armies have used swarms for centuries.

Optimising a swarm – and all of the weaponry, sensory, supply and communication systems it depends upon – is less simple.  Our company's primary focus is on how to embrace the natural advantages inherent in a swarm – and offer an optimised swarm combat system to sophisticated navies.

That a well-designed, properly equipped naval swarm would be deadly today is beyond dispute. The bang-for-buck advantages of swarm tactics are staggering: the consequences of them being realised by hostile non-state or rogue-state actors first would be terrifying.