Rubber Ducky Defence is a company that thinks deeply about military problems before designing the best possible solutions to them.  Our products are precisely and elegantly engineered pieces of technology.  But more importantly, they represent a precisely - yet creatively – optimised solution to real problems. To us, simplicity isn't the casualty of sophistication, it's the offspring.  Increasing effectiveness whilst reducing complexity is our speciality.  We devise ways of assembling the most decisive and robust combat power with costs of acquisition and operation that are trivial in comparison with our competitors.  Our weapons work best when they're needed most.  Their cost effectiveness means that they can be operated at full readiness day-in, day-out for routine constabulary and peacetime training exercises.  And, in the worst contingencies, they're robust, resilient and lethal enough to defeat high-end threats against overwhelming odds at times when traditional assets may be degraded through first strike, electronic warfare and Anti-Access/Area-Denial technique.