Swarm Combat Vessel - shown with Mine Countermeasures payload possibilities, including the Kongsberg Hugin 1000


At its core, the SCV is a manned, high-speed, high stealth planing hull weapons and sensor platform. It incorporates Rubber Ducky's unique, patent-pending self-righting and semi-submersing capability, and offers robust, short-notice all-weather deployment options and unrivalled concealment capabilities. Shown here with Rubber Ducky's proprietary swarm-optimised wounding-weight torpedo, the SCV is designed to pack in a formidable maritime-strike weapon system in a package the size of a rigid-hull inflatable, a.k.a. 'rubber ducky'. 

The SCV's ability to semi-submerge allows the rear wet-deck to be lowered to just below the waterline.  This enables large payloads to be more easily deployed to the water, and recovered, without the need for cranes or ramps to lift the loads over the transom or gunwale.  This eliminates substantial weight, risk and complexity from Launch and Recovery Operations, enabling a large range of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or Military Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) payloads to be deployed from the SCV.  This means that a wide range of naval operations can be conducted remotely from a major surface combatant, including Mine Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Force Protection, and Surveillance.


SCV with various payloads and systems

Front view of SCV


  • Dry weight: 4.5 tonne
  • Loaded weight: 6.5 tonne
  • Max weight: 8 tonne
  • Range: 600-1400km
  • Max Speed: >40kt
  • Crew: 2-3
  • Armament: 1-2 Torpedoes

SCV carrying 1000 litre auxiliary fuel 'back-pack'