Founder, Managing Director

Aidan Morrison, Bsc (Hons)

Aidan took leave from a PhD in experimental particle physics at the University of Melbourne, working in the ATLAS experiment at CERN, to start Rubber Ducky Defence. Combining strong academic background in physics, along with a passion for lateral–thinking and global, real–world problem solving, Aidan’s initial intrigue with military strategy and technology was inspired whilst working with the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Economics and Government, where he met and began discussing the anomalies of defence policy with some of Australia’s leading defence experts. Applying his skills in physical and statistical analysis to problems normally only discussed qualitatively by commentators and policy–makers, he’s been developing the analysis and inventions underlying Rubber Ducky’s innovation ever since.


Max Crozier

Director EMC Defence Australia.  A resourceful senior ITC executive leader possessing experience in the development and implementation of effective business strategies, practice management, project leadership, and technology transfer. A talent for selecting and building strong management teams and leading these teams in the rapid financial and operational growth of companies. A skilled leader in sales, business development and particularly new technology and innovative solutions into Government and Defence markets. Outstanding networks within DSTO, DMO, Defence Industry and Federal Government.

Design Director

Peter McKie, B.Des

The transfer of new ideas, or solutions to problems into physical, manufacturable and operable embodiments has been the focus of Peter’s career as one of Australia’s leading industrial designers. After years of experience a designer and prototype engineer, Peter moved to directing and founding his own design and manufacture companies, including Design Resource, and AFX. He has also successfully patented and commercialised his own inventions, setting industry standards in a variety of specialised industries.

Former Director

Alastair Hodgson 1952–2011

Alastair Hodgson was a senior executive in the defence and aerospace industries renowned for his inspiringly enthusiastic, hands–on approach to building world–class technology enterprises and services. Formerly CEO of British Aerospace Australia, and most recently General Manager of Technology & Asset Services, Alastair had a wealth of experience in the highest level of major defence–primes, government departments, as well as tech start–ups and IP commercialisation. Sadly, Alastair passed away recently after a struggle with cancer. He’ll be sorely missed by Rubber Ducky, and our thoughts go out to his family who were the apple of his eye and no doubt will miss him far more.