Rubber Ducky Defence is a company that thinks deeply about military problems, before designing the best possible solutions to them. Our products are  elegantly engineered pieces of technology. But more importantly, they represent a precisely – yet creatively – optimised solution to real problems.

To us, simplicity isn’t the casualty of sophistication, it’s the offspring. Increasing effectiveness while reducing complexity is our speciality. We devise ways of assembling the most decisive and robust combat power, with costs of acquisition and operation that are trivial in comparison with our competitors.

Our weapons work best when they’re needed most. They’re sufficiently cost effective to operate at full readiness day in, day–out for routine constabulary and peacetime training exercises. And in the worst contingencies, they’re robust, and resilient and lethal enough to defeat high–end threats against overwhelming odds, at times when traditional assets may be degraded through first strike, electronic warfare, and Anti–Access/Area–Denial techniques.


Company philosophy / mission statement

“To produce weapons that are most useful when most needed.”

This is done by acknowledging the nature of war and combat requires the wisest war–fighters to regard technology as the least of their assets, and potentially their greatest liability.

Rubber Ducky regards the use of armed force in conflict as a human tragedy to be avoided at all costs. However, recognising that the flaws in human nature, political institutions, and recent history; the use of armed force (or preparedness to use armed force) plays a necessary role in ensuring the peaceful existence of independent nation–states, and a stable regional and global order. In this context, there is a respectable and legitimate role for private enterprise to develop and sell the equipment used in the preparation and deployment of armed forces to nation–states.

The selection of appropriate force structures along with corresponding infrastructure and military hardware is a difficult and complex task for all nation–states. Private enterprise can play an important role in assisting this process by competing to provide the best technical solutions to the strategic circumstances of governments. Private enterprise also has a natural conflict of interest in this process, since they will profit most from the sale of expensive equipment and service contracts, and least from relying on natural defences (such as oceans, and remoteness) or human factors (such as strong morale, and bravery, and good training of soldiers, sailors and pilots). As a consequence, it is entirely possible that the spending of more money on defence can actually deteriorate, rather than improve, a country’s defence. In recognition of this fact, Rubber Ducky Defence Pty Ltd commits to providing weapon systems that are optimised for maximum military effectiveness, rather than technological sophistication. The very best analysis of combat theory, derived and tested from history, physics, economics and statistics will be called upon to ensure that our products perform best under the physical, psychological, logistical, economic and tactical realities that would be present in a hard–fought war, rather than just the theoretical one–on–one computerised simulations. We will strive to produce weapons which can spend more time in training and active service, and less time on the drawing board of developers or undergoing maintenance.